In its path to innovation, GRASPINNO aspires to effectively utilise available knowledge by capitalising on EU projects and initiatives such as ePrior, PEPPOL (CIP), GRASP (MED), CO-EFFICIENT (MED), and consolidate specific results of interest in order to validate an integrated framework of models/strategies/methods/tools at selected pilot sites across MED, with the participation of all involved stakeholders. Emphasis is on replicability, transferability and leverage effect of pilot actions with wide-area coverage in the Mediterranean.

Synergies with European projects or initiatives will be implemented for reusing existing outputs and deliverables, thus capitalising on solutions developed in the previous programmatic period, and consolidating specific results for validation of an integrated framework of models, strategies, methods, databases and tools. In GRASP, an advanced green transnational procurement system was developed, empowering cooperation between MED public administrations and SMEs. Its platform of Smart/Green e-Procurement focuses on renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficient (EE) solutions and green criteria to be adopted by GRASPINNO. Our project shares the main aims of CO-EFFICIENT and PEEBPE, i.e. strengthening the capacity of SMEs to enter the green energy market by networking; and alerting local authorities to the need for reducing energy consumption in public buildings. Of high importance are replicability, transferability and capitalisation results, e.g. from Brussels synergy on innovation for RES/EE solutions in MED, organized by GRASP and EMILIE LPs.

For implementing the promotion of transnational cooperation by adapting/strengthening transnational networks of eco-innovation actors, GRASPINNO will use the Open e-PRIOR platform that allows practical implementation of interoperable electronic services in any public administration. In establishing Green Energy MED (GEM) Ecosystem, the contribution of Open PEPPOL is necessary to enable EU businesses to easily deal electronically with EU public sector buyers in their procurement processes. Living Labs will integrate research and innovation processes, create a user-centered open innovation ecosystem based on systematic co-creation approach, promote and strengthen transnational cooperation and networking amongst clusters/networks/networks of networks of GEM eco-innovation.


GRASPINNO project is co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg MED programme 2014-2020 in the framework of the first call proposals for modular projects, priority axis 1.1. The project, started in November 2016, aims at increasing transnational activities of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of MED area under the Community of Green Growth.