Barcelona, Catalonia region, Spain

19th July 2019, Barcelona, Catalonia region, Spain


Chamber Awards is a public and annual recognition that the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Terrassa gives to business, future projects and people that contribute to social and economic development in their territorial demarcation, made up of 12 municipalities, where are more than 30.000 companies. The origin of Premis Cambra was on 1977. GRASPINNO promoted "Continuous improvement, sustainability and energy efficiency" award to recognize the good practice in this field aligned with GRASPINNO methodology and concepts.

The suport to GRASPINNO, under the Capitalisation Workshop, of this institutional and corporate act, allows capitalise the project results through a prestigious act and fully consolidated who has an important institutional support in the area of Vallès Occidental in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia region (Spain). The event was presided by the Right Honourable President of the Government of Catalonia, Mr. Quim Torra.

The awarded enterprises are:

- DSV AIR & SEA, S.A.U.: Improvements on their buildings (LEDs, photovoltaic plant) analyzing their building energy performance (CCIT Living Lab topic). Implementing on their purchase procedures the homologation of providers using green and social criteria. This company have their management system certified by ISO 9001, 14001, EMAS, EFQM and 50001.

- CIPSACIRCUITS, S.A.: Implementation of electricity control devices (based on IoT) to know their energy performance, (CCIT Living Lab topic). Improvement on their buildings energy management: photovoltaic plant. This company have their management system certified by ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 and is working on ISO 26000.

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